ISO 22000:2005-Food Safety Management System

If an organization wants to create confidence to its customers that they have the ability of identifying and controlling food safety hazards, reducing the chances of product recall and adverse publicity, demonstrating cleaner & healthier working environment, ISO 22000-Food Safety Management System can help them.ISO 22000-Certifcation is an international standard that defines the requirements of a food safety management system covering all organizations in the food chain from farm to fork.


Food safety

ISO 22000

Applicable to

ISO 22000-Certification is applicable to all organizations in the food chain like feed producers, harvesters, farmers, manufacturers of food ingredients, retailers, catering services, cleaning and sanitation services, transportation, storage and distribution services etc. Other organizations which indirectly involved in equipment supply, cleaning and sanitizing agents, packing material and other food contact materials are also eligible.

As the agricultural outputs progress from farm to fork and they require attention, in tracking, safety  and integrity. Food safety hazards can occur at any stage of the food chain, adequate control throughout the chain is essential.

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The following are the categories  

Dairy: whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, condensed milk, ice cream, butter, ghee and cheese.

Fruits & Vegetables: beverages, juices, concentrates, pulps, slices, frozen & dehydrated products, potato wafers/chips etc.

Grains & Cereals: flour, bakeries, starch glucose, cornflakes, malted foods, vermicelli, beer and malt extracts, grain based alcohol.

Fisheries : frozen & canned products - mainly in fresh form

Meat & Poultry : frozen and packed - mainly in fresh form, egg powder

Consumer Foods : snack food, namkeens, biscuits, ready to eat food, alcoholic byproducts.

Relevant Agri and Food Industry Standards

  • ISO 9001-Quality Management System,
  • ISO 22000-Food Safety Management System,
  • FSSC 22000-Food Safety System Certification,
  • BRC –British Retail Consortium to Food Safety
  • HACCP-Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points,
  • GAP-Good Agricultural Practices,
  • GMP-Good Manufacturing Practices,
  • GDP-Good Distribution Practices,
  • GHP-Good Hygienic Practices

Professional Trainings for individuals:

Internal Auditor-1) ISO 9001-Quality Management System, 2) ISO 22000-Food Safety Management System-FSMS,3) HACCP-Hazard analysis and critical control points, 4) BRC- British Retail Consortium, 5) GMP- Good Manufacturing practices.

Organizational Trainings:

Lead Auditor-1) ISO 9001-QMS -Quality Management System, 2) ISO 22000-Food Safety Management System- FSMS, 3) FSSC 22000-Food Safety System Certification & 4) BRC -Food  


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