FSSC 22000-Food Safety System Certification

Ensuring consumer trust in the supply of safe food & drinks

FSSC 22000 is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is based on existing ISO Standards. It demonstrates that a company has a robust Food Safety Management System in place that meets the requirements of its customers and consumers. FSSC 22000 was developed for the certification of food safety systems of organizations in the food chain that process or manufacture animal products, perishable vegetal products, products with a long shelf life, (other) food ingredients like additives, vitamins, bio-cultures and food packaging material manufacturing.


Food safety

ISO 22000

Necessity of FSSC 22000

As a management system standard ISO 22000 is too generic when it comes to prerequisite programmes and it does not lays any specific guidelines to meet the requirements of different stake holders, customers and auditors.

Scope of the scheme is applicable to the following categories

Animal products, excluding slaughtering and pre-slaughtering
• i.e. meat, poultry, eggs, diary and fish products
Perishable vegetal products
• i.e. fresh fruits and fresh juices, preserved fruits, fresh vegetables, preserved vegetables
Products with long shelf life at ambient temperature
i.e. canned products, biscuits, snacks, oil, drinking
water, beverages, pasta, flour, sugar, salt, bio/ chemical products for food manufacturing, excluding technical and technological aids
• i.e. vitamins additives and bio-cultures


  1. Reduced costs from waste reduction, fewer product failures, and better traceability throughout the supply chain
  2. Reduce the food safety hazard at all levels in the product and processing environment.
  3. Meeting   the   prerequisite   programmes’   expectations   and requirements of food manufacturing stakeholders, including food
    retailers and food-service providers.
  4. Safer food to the consumers in its true  spirits

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